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POST https://api-sandbox.sunbit.com/onboarding/api/v1/location#


Property Required Type Description
sunbit-key yes text Provided to you by Sunbit
sunbit-secret yes text Provided to you by Sunbit


Attribute Required Type Description
location yes text Unique identifier of the merchant.
sendSMS no boolean True if Sunbit should send SMS with the onboarding link, false by default
legalName no text The legal name of the business entity
businessName no text The business name
vertical yes text The name of vertical as defined in Verticals
businessAddress no AddressDetails The business address
representativeDetails yes BusinessRepresentative Business representative details that is associated with the location
sourcePlatform no text The originating platform on whose behalf the API request is being made, if different from the alliance.


Attribute Required Type Description
address no text Customer’s address
city no text Customer’s city
state no text Customer’s state
zipcode no text Customer’s zipcode
suite no text Customer’s suite


Attribute Required Type Description
firstName no text
lastName no text
phoneNumber no text
email no text


Attribute Type Description
location text Same as in request body
url text Merchant application URL for onboarding form
creationDate text Format YYYY-MM-DD
status text CREATED


The vertical should be taken from the defined below options:

  • Medical_Office
  • Hospital_Health_System



curl –location ‘”https://api-sandbox.sunbit.com/onboarding/api/v1/location’ \

–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \

–header ‘sunbit-key: YOUR_KEY’ \

–header ‘sunbit-secret: YOUR_SECRET’ \

–data-raw ‘{

      “location” : “los-angeles-medical-office”,

      “sendSMS” : false,

      “legalName” : “LAMC LLC”,

      “vertical” : “Medical_Office”,

      “representativeDetails” : {

             “firstName” : “Montgomery”,

             “lastName” : “Burns”,

             “phoneNumber” : “310-323-818”,

             “email”:”[email protected]