Financing Details

Rates & Terms

Loan Amount: $50 – $20,000

Loan Term: 3 to 72 months

Annual Percentage Rate: 0-35.99% APR

A payment is due at checkout.

Loan Example: : A $580 purchase with a 33% APR, $116 down payment, and 12-month term would have monthly payments of $45.92 and a total cost of $667.07. A $381.68 purchase with 0% APR, $114.50 down payment and a 3-month term would have monthly payments of $89.06 and a total cost of $381.68. Actual terms may vary.

Application and Eligibility: Subject to approval based on creditworthiness. Applicants must be 18 or older, as required by state law and have a valid email address, mobile phone number, and street or AFO/APO address. A bank-issued debit card is required for the payment due at checkout. If approved, the rates, terms, and loan amounts offered will fall within the ranges provided above. The largest loan amounts and longest terms are not available at all merchants. Only the most creditworthy applicants qualify for the lowest rates, largest loan amounts, and longest terms. 0% APR plans are not available at all merchants. Loans are not available in or to residents of Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming.

Loan rates, terms, and amounts are lower in some states due to legal requirements. Colorado residents and merchant locations: 0-35.99% APR for loans of $1,000 or less; 0-20.99% APR for loans over $1,000 but not more than $3,000; 0-14.99% APR for loans over $3,000. Connecticut residents and locations: 0-35.99% APR for loans less than $5,000; 0-24.99% APR for loans from $5,000 to $15,000; and 0-11.99% APR for loans over $15,000. A customer cannot have more than $15,000 in principal at any one time. (lic. #SLC-1760582 & SLC-BCH-1844702). Hawaii residents and locations: maximum loan amount of $1,500; 3-month plans not available if loan is more than $500. Iowa residents and locations: 0-20.99% APR. Maine residents and locations: 0-29.99% APR for loans of $2,000 or less; 0-23.99% for loans more than $2,000 to $4,000; 0-17.99% APR for loans more than $4,000. Maryland residents and merchant locations: 0-23.99% APR. Massachusetts residents and locations: 0-17.99% APR for loans less than $1,000; 0-22.99% APR for loans from $1,000 to $6,000; 0-19.99% for loans over $6,000. New York residents and merchant locations: 0-15.99% APR.

Deferred Interest Promotion and 3-Month 0% APR Plan: A deferred interest option allows borrowers at participating merchants only to avoid paying interest if they prepay the amount financed in full within 1 month of the date of the agreement. If borrowers do not prepay the amount financed in full by that time, then they will be responsible for paying interest as it accrues. A 3-month 0% APR plan is available to borrowers at participating merchants only. 6- and 12-month plans subject to interest are also available at these merchants. State restrictions, provided below, may affect eligibility for the plan.

Account openings and payment activity are reported to a major credit bureau. Loans are made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit.