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About Sunbit

How does Sunbit work?

Sunbit technology allows you to pay for your purchase over time choosing from a 3, 6, or 12-month loan option instead of all once.

How is Sunbit different from other online payment solutions?

Sunbit technology enables merchants to provide access to fast, fair, easy financing available to consumers across the credit spectrum. While credit is subject to approval by the lender, approval rates are high, likely among the highest in the industry.

How do I apply for a payment plan to make a purchase?

All consumers must apply through a participating merchant. Our fast and easy application process can be done in-store with an associate, through a link provided by email from a merchant, and while shopping online through an eCommerce checkout process. We encourage you to use our merchant locator to find a participating merchant near you and pre-qualify before you visit.

Does Sunbit report to the Credit Bureaus?

Yes, a lender reports all your payments to the consumer reporting agency. All payments are reported including those in good standing or past due.

Getting Started

Is there a credit check?

When applying, we perform a soft credit check, which helps us determine if you are eligible. A soft credit check does not impact your credit score. Your credit score may be affected when accepting a loan to complete a purchase or opening an account.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

Yes, you are required to make a down payment when you are finalizing your purchase. This down payment goes toward your total purchase amount. If you apply and are pre-approved, you’ll be able to see the exact down payment amount for your purchase.

Why do I have to make a down payment?

A down payment is always required. We’ll process the down payment right after you execute your loan agreement and confirm your loan.

I’ve already used Sunbit technology, can I add a new purchase to my existing account?

Every time you finance a purchase using Sunbit technology, you enter into a new loan agreement with your lender. You may have several loans at a time, but they will all be separate contracts with their own monthly payments. These cannot be combined. If you want to make a new purchase using Sunbit technology, you will need to re-apply.

Manage Account

How do I set up an online account?

Customers can manage their Sunbit account online at  Simply choose the “create account” option and enter the requested details to locate your account and create a password. Be sure to enter the email address that you used when you applied.

When will I receive my bill?

There are no “bills” sent to customers. All correspondence, including payment reminders, are emailed to you, using the email address you put on file pursuant to your consent to receive correspondence electronically, which can be revoked following the instructions in your loan agreement. We will email you a copy of your financing agreement and payment schedule as soon as you sign your loan agreement and complete your purchase.

Can I increase my approval amount?

Sunbit lenders are not able to adjust approval amounts, however, if you choose to make a purchase for more than what you are pre-approved for, you can pay for the difference using your debit card.

Where can I find a copy of my Sunbit Agreement

You can find a copy of your financing agreement attached to the welcome email you received at the time of purchase.


How do I make my payment?

With your authorization, your payments are automatically debited or withdrawn on the due date you are assigned when completing your purchase and will be processed with the debit card you used for your down payment or with the account and routing number you provided. You can call Sunbit Customer Support at 855-678-6248 or manage your Sunbit payments online at to update or change your payment information. If you want to make an early or additional payment, you can call us or go online as well. There is no fee for making early or additional payments.

What types of payments does Sunbit accept?

Down payment is due at the time of purchase and must be from a bank-issued debit card. For the monthly (installment)  payments, you can authorize recurring debit card or a remotely created check (RCC) payments. (RCC payments are made using your bank account and routing number you provide us.) Certain borrowers may also have the option to make their monthly payments by check or money order.

What is your mailing address for payments?

Sunbit will accept monthly payments via mail if are unable to use a debit card or remotely created check. Payments can be send to the following address: 

PO BOX  841238
LOS ANGELES, CA 90084-1238

We accept check and/or money order.  Be sure to include your first and last name and agreement # in the memo section of your check or money order.  

Can I change my due dates or get a payment extension?

You can change your due date one time per purchase, which will change the due date for every future existing monthly payment. You can do so by contacting Sunbit Customer Support at 855-678-6248.

If a payment is due and you are not able to make the payment, please contact Sunbit Customer Support at 855-678-6248 so we can find another option that may work for you.

If you are going through extraordinary circumstances, such as job loss, death in the family, or you are hospitalized, please contact Sunbit Customer Support at 855-678-6248 and we will work with you to find another solution.

How much am I paying in interest?

Interest differs for each customer. When you apply you will be able to view your APR and a breakdown of how much your finance charges will be. The finance charges are included in the total amount of your financing, so you will never pay more than what you agreed to.

What happens if I return an item?

If you return an item, the merchant will need to notify Sunbit so that we can process the return. Once Sunbit is notified, the purchase will either be adjusted or canceled and the original payment method on file will be reimbursed in the event that a refund is owed.

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Sunbit technology enables you to make offer fast, fair, easy financing available to nearly all of your customers. While credit is subject to approval by the lender, High approval rates are high, likely among the highest in the industry. That, means that you may not need any other financing solution, streamlining your sales process and how you manage your business.