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Approved Messaging


Sunbit’s approved messaging is proven to help drive successful announcements and partnership launches on day 1. Use the messaging framework when preparing for partnership announcements, creating website copy and merchant adoption campaigns and building out educational enablement resources to drive usage over-time.


  1. You may choose to use any of the messaging provided to highlight and promote the Sunbit integration.  
  2. The messaging examples below are universal to all industries/verticals. Copy, paste, and adjust accordingly for your audiences.
  3. Create messaging and assets with the resources provided and send it to your account manager for legal review and approval.

Asset Examples & Resources:

Sunbit Approved Messaging  

Copy and paste the following messaging into your marketing assets and replace the orange text to make it specific to your integration and audience i.e. [customers, patients, clients, pet parents, etc.] [treatment, pair of glasses, procedure, treatment, services etc.] 

*For Dental verticals use [85%] approval rate. For all other verticals use [90%] unless further instructed. 

All marketing assets must be finalized and approved by Sunbit’s legal team and TAB Bank, prior to publishing or sending to merchants and customers.

Merchant Messaging 

Sunbit Product Names by Vertical.

  • All Verticals: Buy Now, Pay-over-time.
  • Dental: Smile Now, Pay-over-time.
  • Auto: Service Now, Pay-over-time.
  • Veterinary: Care Now, Pay-over-time.
  • ExampleMerchant: Offer Service Now, Pay-over-time to your customers everyday needs. 

Merchant Value Prop:

Sunbit is the preferred Buy Now, Pay-over-time consumer financing technology for everyday needs, offering fast, fair, and transparent payment options to [90% or 85%] of consumers who apply. Sunbit is the kind, kind of payment.

Key Benefits for Merchants:

  • You do more business: [90% or 85%] of customers are approved and qualified customers may be eligible for 0% interest plans, making your services more accessible.  
  • Sunbit manages the payment plan: It takes 30 seconds to apply, Sunbit charges a flat transaction fee and then takes care of the rest.
  • You get paid right away: Your money is deposited into your account right away, letting you focus on providing a great experience for your [customers, patients, clients, pet parents, etc.]

Key Value Props for Merchants

  • Attract more [customers, patients, clients, pet parents, etc.]
    • [90% OR 85%] who apply get approved 
    • [Customers] may be eligible for 0% interest plans
  • [Drive OR Provide] more [business, production, service, care, etc.]
    • 30 seconds to apply 
    • Get paid right away, while Sunbit manages the rest
  • Retain more [customers, patients, clients, pet parents, etc.]
    • No hard credit checks to apply*, late fees or penalty fees
    • Minimize financial stress and build better relationships.
  • Great support and training
    • 95% merchant and customer satisfaction
    • Comprehensive online academy and training documentation.

Platform Partnership Messaging 

Partnership Messaging: [Platform Name] and Sunbit partner to help [businesses, practices, etc.] increase their [production, revenue, access to care, etc.] and serve more [customers, patients, clients, pet parents, etc.] with Buy Now, Pay-over-time flexible payment options.

Sunbit Partnership Messaging: Let’s supercharge your platform with our Buy Now, Pay-over-time solution. Sunbit integrates with your platform at the most meaningful touch points during the consumer journey. From scheduling an appointment to reminders and to checkout; our fast, fair and transparent payment technology increases consumer confidence and puts their financial stress at ease. With Sunbit, your platform enables merchants to provide customers with the leading buy now, pay-over-time solution built for everyday needs.

Public Boilerplate: Sunbit builds financial technology for real life. Our technology eases the stress of paying for life’s expenses by giving people more options on how and when they pay. Sunbit offers a next-generation no-fee credit card that can be managed through a powerful mobile app, as well as a point-of-sale payment option available at more than 15,000 service locations, including auto dealership service centers, optical practices, dentist offices, veterinary clinics and specialty healthcare services. Loans are made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit. The Sunbit Card is issued by TAB Bank, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Use of the card is subject to the cardholder agreement.

*Disclosures are required. Click here to select a disclaimer or work with the Sunbit team to review all assets and give guidance on the appropriate disclosure to use before finalizing. 

Contact our PR team if you are interested in doing a press announcement:

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