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Sunbit technology is used by thousands of people every day to pay-over-time for unexpected expenses. It’s designed to approve 90% of people who apply with fair, transparent rates and no late fees, origination fees, or penalties. Sunbit is the kind, kind of payment.

TrustPilot Verified Reviews
C.W. reviewed Sunbit

I am extremely thankful for Sunbit. Without them, I don't know how I would've been able to take of the necessary repairs needed for my vehicle. The swiftness of getting approved and the ease of setting up my account and their website overall is something that was also quite impressive to me. Keep up the good work.

TrustPilot Verified Reviews
Vesta A. reviewed Sunbit

I had to get new glasses and applied to Sunbit, the process was easy and the payments were affordable. I was able to pay for my glasses in just a few months.

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Chakalate T. reviewed Sunbit

Today, I used Sunbit for a portion of my daughter's dental procedure. I am looking to pay my balance off before 12 months. Sunbit is very easy to deal with, and there is not a bunch of confusing finance jargon in the contract. I am very happy that this company was referred to me by my dentist.

Sunbit helps more people get to YES.

Sunbit is proven to help more people say “Yes” to necessary auto service and repairs, dental treatments, optical needs, veterinary care, home services, and more.

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TrustPilot Verified Reviews
Sean P. reviewed Sunbit

To whoever may read this or is in need of some help, straight up! I was & am there. These people at Sunbit came through for us, trust! I’d be the first to say something about a situation or something not being right! This isn’t the case or time, and we didn’t have the money! The wifey's car was in a bad way. Sunbit showed up! Plain and simple. At the time, the money I needed, I didn’t know where to get it, or who would help/be there, nor was someone gonna take a chance on me. Whoop there it is. Sunbit did! I’d truly recommend them to whoever! I’m making my low payments! And still have money with Sunbit if I’d need it. WOW!!!!

Sunbit helps merchants better serve their customers.

Sunbit cares about merchants as much as we do customers. We provide experiences and training to ensure service advisors, patient coordinators, office managers, and retail associates feel confident offering Sunbit to every customer. Over 140,000 people are certified to offer Sunbit to their customers for everyday needs!

TrustPilot Verified Reviews
Courtney reviewed Sunbit

The easiest and smartest decision! Being a single mom who needs glasses, but also a child who has an eye condition dx and needing glasses is expensive but with Sunbit I was able to get what we needed as soon as possible.

TrustPilot Verified Reviews
Proud Toyota Driver reviewed Sunbit

The whole process was super easy, fast, and informative.I am grateful for Sunbit approving me and World of Toyota offering your service….Thank you Philip Vo@World of Toyota service center for doing such a great job contacting me and updating me through the whole process! Wishing World of Toyota, Philip Vo, and Sunbit continued success indefinitely!!!!!

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