The Spirit of Sunbit – Schepree Miles


The Spirit of Sunbit – Schepree Miles

The Spirit of Sunbit is an ongoing series featuring stories from real partners and users of our pay over time technology. The stories show the genuine spirit of why we do what we do every day – all told by real people. Here’s one of those stories.

Schepree Miles, Dental Patient

“My name is Schepree Miles. I’m a stay-at-home mom to a special needs baby.

 I went to the dentist. What happened was I cracked my tooth during my pregnancy. And they told me that the treatment that I had to do, they couldn’t do it cause I was pregnant, of course, the medicines and stuff. 

I didn’t do any treatment for myself. And when the tooth started to hurt again, I called the dentist, and because I didn’t have insurance and certain qualifications, no one could help me. And I was just stuck in pain. And, of course, when people turn you down, no one likes to keep hearing, “No.” And so you just walk away from it altogether.

And that’s when they told me there was a new company called Sunbit, and then they were like, yeah, in less than three minutes, we could find out. 

 And I did the process and application, and they approved me to be able to get my tooth extracted. They were pulling my teeth within five minutes. 

If Sunbit wasn’t an option that day I would’ve went home in pain, again, tooth pain, mental pain. I just would’ve went home, stressed.  

Being a special-needs Mom, you know, you go through a process of when you need certain things. And I had to try to find a way to care for me or I couldn’t care for him. 

And unfortunately, it stopped me from talking. It stopped me from eating. I was in the bed. I think that’s what really helped me in that moment with Sunbit, it was genuine, nice business. And you keep people that way when people know you care and they cared, they definitely cared. You don’t plan on things like that. So when someone can understand that life happens and then they help you with it. That’s that’s amazing. Thank you Sunbit!

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