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Alfa Dental Generates $1 Million in New Business through Sunbit in 4 Months.

“There is no comparison with other financing tools.”

See It In Numbers: 4 month highlights

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The Challenge

Alfa Dental, a dental group with eight locations, has always offered patient financing and thought decline rates of 60% were normal. That was until they brought Sunbit into their practices. Now they offer Sunbit technology to every patient on every visit— increasing their production and patient satisfaction.

The Sunbit Solution

Through Sunbit’s Smile Now, Pay-over-time technology, 87% of their patients are approved for payment plans, more than doubling the number of patients they can treat.

The Alfa staff feel confident offering Sunbit technology to every patient with little fear of rejection or awkward conversations. With high approvals and fast, fair and transparent payment plans, the overall experience for the patient and the staff are unparalleled. Not to mention Alfa gets paid right away, while Sunbit takes on the responsibility of repayment.

The $1 Million Dollar Mark

In four short months, Alfa Dental realized a whopping $1 million in new business that would have otherwise walked out without the dental care they needed. This is like adding another month of revenue to the calendar.

At first, I thought Sunbit was too good to be true, with the extremely high patient approval rates, hovering nearly at 90% (which I’ve never seen before), the 30-second approval process, and immediate positive feedback from our patients and staff. Sunbit has filled a financing void that other financing options simply can’t, and it has given our patients access to treatment that we didn’t have before. I’m thrilled to report that we’ve generated over $1 million in incremental production with Sunbit in the first four months of our partnership and we’re just getting started!
Tim Tursonoff
CEO at Alfa Dental

Sunbit is now Alfa Dental’s primary financing solution and they’re not looking back. Smile Now, Pay-over-time is here to stay.

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