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Pilot Program Generates Lift in Sales and Upgrades, Prompting Eyewear Chain to Launch Sunbit at all Stores.

After trying various financing options with modest success, this chain brought on Sunbit’s payment plan technology and saw a steep increase in eyewear sales and upgrades.

See It In Numbers

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Owned by a group of optometrists, Eye Doctor’s Optical Outlets is a successful chain of 54 full-service eye care stores. The team needed to find a way to help more patients get their eye care and eyewear by spreading payments over time with a finance tool that approved more customers. Sunbit provided a technology solution to help the company increase revenue and reduce the stress of purchases for its customers by providing access to financing options.

In the first 7 weeks piloting Sunbit technology at 10 stores, Eye Doctor’s Optical Outlets brought in an additional $41,047 in incremental revenue.

"It was clear within the first month that Sunbit was a game-changer for our business and would be an integral sales tool for the company. I am confident that the $41,047 in additional revenue generated will grow as we onboard the remaining 44 stores."
Robert Mursuli
COO at Eye Doctor's Optical Outlets

A Smooth Sales Process

With 90% of customers approved for financing, Sunbit technology helped the team at Eye Doctor’s Optical Outlets in two pivotal ways: an easier selling process and more eyewear upgrades. With no hard credit check, a 30-second application process, and the option to pay over 3 months with 0% APR* for every qualified customer, the check-out experience improved. Customers also purchased more upgrades, such as higher-end frames and photochromic and anti-reflective glare lenses.

Once the team saw the value, they felt good incorporating Sunbit into their selling strategy for every patient. Having the option to spread payments over time helped re-frame the conversation with patients to focus on the eyewear they wanted.

Excelling Amid Uncertainty

Although COVID-19 forced the eyewear chain to close its doors only 7 weeks into the Sunbit pilot program, business picked up quickly after reopening mid May.

In the first 7 weeks after reopening and on-boarding the remaining 44 stores, Eye Doctor’s Optical Outlets generated $292,000 in additional revenue with Sunbit—a 611% financing revenue increase over the 7 weeks prior to COVID-19.

“We had one month of usage before COVID-19, and as we reopen, it is even more critical to offer Sunbit technology as a source of relief to our patients. Our new company policy requires patients to pay upfront for their glasses, and Sunbit helps us retain our customers during this time by providing a stress-free payment financing option,” says Robert Mursuli, COO, Eye Doctor’s Optical Outlets.

In spite of new store policies, such as reduced in-store traffic and a requirement to pay upfront for glasses, more patients are walking out with the eyewear they need and want. Thanks to Sunbit technology, patients spread their payments over time and the chain continues to excel even amid a challenging economy.


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