DSO 2024 Tech Trends: Putting Value in the Hands of Your Doctors and Patients

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DSO 2024 Tech Trends Putting Value in the Hands of Your Doctors and Patients

Having a strong and attractive foundation is a big focus for DSOs — not only ensuring your enterprise can scale its processes but also provide unique value back in the hands of your doctors and patients.

Whether you’re consolidating resources or adopting new tools, the following can help ensure that the tools in your tech stack not only improve business outcomes but support those you value most.

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Bridge the coverage gap with a dental membership plan

With half of Americans delaying oral care due to economic constraints and rising interest rates slowing DSO expansion, subscription dentistry — otherwise known as dental membership plans — has emerged as an attractive solution that helps practices and DSOs create a healthier proportion of loyal patients while adding a recurring revenue component to their practice profit model.

Benefits for Doctors

Membership plan patients are more loyal, more compliant, and more profitable

Membership plans — not to be confused with dental discount plans — bundle preventative care and treatment services, and offer them to patients at a transparent, attractive price.

Because dentists are developing a direct relationship and because routine care is included, membership patients consistently book — and keep — their hygiene appointments. When compared to uninsured patients, membership plan patients:

  • Visit 2-3X more often
  • Accept up to 3X more treatment
  • Generate 2X the production

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The speed of collections on membership plan patients is unparalleled

Advanced membership plan technology like Kleer provides an end-to-end solution that automatically processes payments, distributes deposits, and balances and records payments in your PMS. Patients pay for their subscription upfront and for any additional care at the time of treatment, so there are no accounts receivable or past-due balances to delay payment.

Better control over insurance participation reduces pressure on doctors

If your practice is operating using a higher-volume model to make up for low reimbursement rates, a membership plan can help change that — by basing your membership plan on your fee schedule, dentists are able to service a smaller number of patients in a more focused fashion.

Benefits for patients

Having an alternative coverage model simplifies the patient experience

With a membership plan, patients don’t have to search for an in-network provider, or fight to get the care they need, and there are no pre-approvals or waiting periods before they can begin accessing the coverage they need.

Patients no longer fear the cost of care that impacts visits

Like any other subscription, membership plan patients know exactly what they’re paying and have a better understanding of the costs associated with care — helping to foster a closer doctor-patient relationship.

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Improve Case Presentation & Clinical Outcomes with Dental AI 

While the ultimate responsibility of diagnosis lies in the hands of dentists, the integration of artificial intelligence solutions like Overjet is revolutionizing the dental landscape, streamlining workflow and unveiling advantages that extend beyond conventional expectations.

Benefits for Doctors 

Leveraging AI increases diagnostic confidence 

AI provides a safety net, drawing the provider’s eye to potential areas of concern on the radiographs. It also helps instill confidence in the providers, especially when the objective findings reinforce what doctors identified on the x-ray.

Dentists can easily identify opportunities for same-day treatment 

Dental AI software helps clinicians plan their day. Dentists can cross-reference radiographs from prior visits with their practice management system to identify patients with untreated conditions or overdue treatments. Having that data accessible makes it easy for dental teams to identify opportunities for same-day treatment in advance of the patient’s arrival.

Increase insurance claims approvals 

The ability to precisely measure and quantify the extent of tooth structure that is decayed, missing or filled, allows for a more consistent and evidence-based claims review to determine if it meets the clinical criteria for reimbursement.

Benefits for patients 

Enhance understanding of treatment presentations

AI-generated visuals provide an objective third-party analysis to foster trust and confidence in proposed procedures, promoting active patient engagement in their oral health journey.

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Offer Innovative Patient Financing to Increase Treatment Acceptance 

Access to dental treatment is essential for maintaining optimal oral health, but for many patients, the cost can be a significant barrier. Traditional financing options can be difficult to navigate with clunky and timely approval processes which often result in patients being unsatisfied due to hard credit checks, late fees, and balloon interest payments they weren’t aware of. The staff, as a result, wastes valuable time on a process that is ineffective or misleading.

To address this issue, patients need financing that aligns with their monthly budget, while dental offices require solutions that increase case acceptance but also mitigate any associated risk. The addition of innovative financing technology like Sunbit can help.

Benefits for Doctors

Better serve all patients, including those who don’t qualify for traditional financing

Shifting from traditional financing options to modern, technology-based third-party financing provides patients with a much faster application process and has a higher acceptance rate. This expansion not only addresses financial barriers but also supports a more inclusive approach to dental care.

Deliver more same-day comprehensive dentistry

By enabling dental teams to move faster to address treatment needs, patients can receive the care they need quickly and efficiently. This approach can also help dental practices increase their revenue and reputation as a provider of high-quality, patient-centric care.

Benefits for patients

Application processes are no longer time-consuming and uncomfortable

Traditional financing applications can be lengthy and complicated, requiring patients to provide detailed information about their income. With a soft inquiry to check options and a quick application process, Sunbit’s technology creates a positive and stress-free experience.

Experience no hidden fees and flexible repayment options

Patients won’t encounter any hidden fees or late fees and will know exactly what they’re paying from the start. Plus patients can choose a repayment plan that works for them.

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Final thoughts

Leading technology solutions like Kleer, Overjet, and Sunbit emphasize the importance of transparency, accessibility, and efficiency in dentistry. By integrating these technologies, DSOs can build the ultimate tech stack that maximizes value for both their doctors and patients.

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