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Patients at Dr. Tavel Optical Group Spend 123% More with Sunbit

Offering the option to buy now, pay-over-time through Sunbit technology enabled Dr. Tavel Optical Group to increase their average order value and serve more patients, leading to increased store revenue.

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Increase in spend attributable to Sunbit technology (July 1st - Sept. 15th 2020)
Avg. Transaction
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Dr. Tavel Optical Group is a family-owned business with 22 locations across Indiana. As an early adopter of Sunbit, they began with a pilot of 10 stores. With early signs of success, Dr. Tavel Optical Group expanded the Sunbit program to all of its locations.

To evaluate the impact of Sunbit on their business, Dr. Tavel Optical Group performed an in-depth analysis:


Dr. Tavel Optical Group reviewed the purchase behavior of customers that used Sunbit technology versus customers that did not use Sunbit (control group) between July 1st and September 15th 2020 and compared both groups to their past purchase behavior before Sunbit was available in their stores.


Among patients using Sunbit technology, there was a 168% lift in sales when compared to their spend during previous visits. Additionally, after correcting for year-over-year spending changes, patient age, gender, insurance mix, and office-specific effects—patients using Sunbit still spent 123% more than they spent previously.

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“The feedback about Sunbit from our patients and staff was extremely positive and we loved that Sunbit enabled patients to choose premium eyewear. It is overwhelmingly clear that Sunbit technology unlocks additional spending that patients would not otherwise have been able to make,” said Kent Iglehart, General Manager.

With Sunbit, Dr. Tavel Optical Group has an invaluable tool to elevate the customer experience and give patients more of the eyewear and eye care they deserve.

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