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No More Patient Financing Woes: Dental Whale Practice Group Doubles Down on Smile Now, Pay-over-time Technology that Approves 85% of Patients

See It In Numbers (First 90 days with 2-location pilot)

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The Challenge

Dental Whale Practice Group experienced frustration and difficulty in finding a trustworthy patient financing partner that could extend payment plans to its diverse patient base. The team decided to enlist Sunbit to help provide more comprehensive financing to their patients—and they were glad they did.

The Sunbit Solution

Within 90 days of piloting Sunbit at two of its locations, Dental Whale Practice Group saw total financing production rise to $126,000 and patient approval rates double to 87%. Unlike prior solutions, the knowledge that nearly 9 in 10 patients would be approved, coupled with the quick 30-second approval process, enabled the team to confidently offer Sunbit technology to every patient.

Dental Whale decided to go all-in by rolling out Sunbit at each of its 14 locations, boosting financing production to a whopping $266,000 after a little over one month. Approval rates continued to climb even higher to nearly 90%. With Sunbit’s hands-on training and motivational incentives for staff, Dental Whale Practice Group’s staff and patients alike have embraced Sunbit’s buy now, pay later technology as the ultimate solution.

Double the Production With None of the Hassle

Dental Whale Practice Group was bogged down by average approval rates through convoluted third-party financing programs. Sunbit showed them that the dream of hassle-free financing solutions for patients wasn’t too good to be true after all—it was a new reality. Dental Whale is now endorsing Sunbit as its preferred patient financing partner.

“Dentistry is very touchy. You have to be able to feed off of emotion and get to know the patients—you build relationships with them. So many people take that experience and create it to be transactional when it simply isn’t, and financing applications are already so vulnerable. The application is so easy to use and inclusive by comparison, and after piloting it in our two practices we saw immediate success. When one of our patients is finally able to finance treatment which was previously out of the question because they couldn’t get approved with other solutions, you know it works.”— Jeannine Wood, Dental Whale Regional Operations Leader


About Dental Whale:

Dental Whale® is the nation’s leading provider of dental solutions and education. With offices in Texas and Florida, Dental Whale has a suite of solutions that support the success of private practices and DSOs. The company’s mission is to empower dentists by giving them the tools they need to start, grow, and manage their business. At the end of 2020, Dental Whale supported more than 19,000 dentists and helped serve more than 4 million patients. For more information on Dental Whale, call 855-339-3740 or visit


“We piloted Sunbit at two of the Dental Whale locations and we were amazed—in the first 90 days, their technology approved 87% of patients, helping us generate $126K in additional production. Our patient financing approval rates have doubled with Sunbit. Not to mention the extremely fast approval process, which enables us to fulfill more treatment plans and provide a better experience for the patients and staff. We are excited to extend the program to all of our locations.”
Dr. Steven Wingfield
DMD & Practice Management Focus Area Leader

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