The Spirit of Sunbit – Mercedes Vallecillo


The Spirit of Sunbit – Mercedes Vallecillo

The Spirit of Sunbit is an ongoing series featuring stories from real partners and users of our pay over time technology. The stories show the genuine spirit of why we do what we do every day – all told by real people. Here’s one of those stories.

Mercedes Vallecillo, Office Manager, ABC Family Dental

My name is  Mercedes Vallecillo, I am an office manager for ABC Family Dental, and we are located in Fort Worth, TX.

I can honestly say when we started working with Sunbit, I’ve helped so many people and each time I’ve helped someone, it just makes me feel like I’m actually doing something good. 

So many companies are out there with interest rates so crazy up the roof that you’re just like what am I doing to this person to make them engage into something that I know at the end of the day, it’s not gonna be affordable. 

And what I’ve seen so much in Sunbit is that the interest rate is low the down payment is low, and they’re getting approved. I just took over this office. I looked at the numbers before they were only collecting about $200,000 a month. I’m at $400,000 collections. And honestly, Sunbit has been one of the biggest parts of my collections going up so high. 

Sometimes I’ve had patients cry in front of me. Getting that from a patient, I get emotional too. You know, it just makes me feel like I did something good by offering them something that’s gonna help them. Sunbit is amazing. I love it. Thank you, Sunbit!”

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