The Spirit of Sunbit – Darren Boggs


The Spirit of Sunbit – Darren Boggs

The Spirit of Sunbit is an ongoing series featuring stories from real partners and users of our pay over time technology. The stories show the genuine spirit of why we do what we do every day – all told by real people. Here’s one of those stories.

Darren Boggs, CEO of ALTIUS Healthcare Management

“I’m Darren Boggs. I’m the chief executive officer for ALTIUS Healthcare Management. We were actively soliciting alternative third-party financing options. 

We found that we couldn’t crack the 25% approval ceiling. And so with Sunbit, once we were able to demonstrate that it can deliver approvals in the 85 to 90% range, the confidence came from the staff to be able to offer it. And the patients were more willing to apply. 

And the result has been tremendous. I mean, if their results have been anything like ours, I mean, what dentist out there wouldn’t want seven times more sales in their practice? There was a particular day, I believe where, you know, we sold $30,000 worth of sales with Sunbit just in one day. And I think it was even before lunch. I knew at that moment we were really on to something. Thank you, Sunbit!”

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