Innovation in Patient Financing: What DSO Leaders Need to Know


Innovation in Patient Financing: What DSO Leaders Need to Know

Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

Join Emmet Scott, CEO of Community Dental Partners, Jay Letwat, VP of Dental Sunbit, Andrew Sipes, VP of Marquee Dental Partners, Kevin Behjat, CEO/Owner of Sahara Dental Group Las Vegas, as they discuss solutions to reduce patients’ stress around paying for dental care and how a modern approach can better serve patients.

In this Webinar you will learn:

– Dental leaders’ must-have tips to overcome cost objections and get more patients to “yes.”

– Understand the current patient financing landscape and recent innovations to determine which may be most beneficial for their practices.

– Discover a financing solution that can grow your practice financing revenue by 25X and lift patient approvals by 100% or more


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